The answer to the digital Revolution

Only 10 years ago we found barely more than 5 functions on an analog camera, their digital successors in the meantime own up to 70 of them. To master this situation, the bodies of modern cameras are overloaded with a big amount of buttons, switches and controllers. And what does not even fit onto the surface, is pressed in one of the multitudinous menus and submenus.


The best of two worlds

The operating system of the AppCam OS-I puts an end to this situation. It combines in an uniquely way the proven dials of professional cameras with the operation logic of a modern smartphone.
The intricate search through menus is now a thing of the past. All needed functions can be arranged very simply according to the preferences of the user.

Easy, fast and individually

The AppCam OS-I is extremely easy and quick to handle. The camera interface is designed very clearly and also very ergonomic.
But the biggest advantage at all is the completely free configurability of the camera controls.


Every function, every effect, record- or film mode can easily be integrated as an app into the system of the AppCam. Just as easily, the system can be combined with proven controls such as dials for aperture and shutter speed on the camera handle - there are absolutely no limitations.